2016 Keywords

One of my pilates students told me the other day that the #1 word looked up in the online Webster Dictionary in 2016 was "SURREAL". Certainly the worldly events this year have been surreal to say the least. For me personally, I had some of the most surreal experiences of my life in 2016. I got to thinking what are my "keywords" for 2016 that I want to carry with me into the New Year. Here is what rose to the surface. Read More

Herbed Chicken & Veggie Bake

There's not much that's less appealing to me than plain old boring baked chicken breast. When I eat meat, I want it to be tender, juicy and full of flavor...otherwise it's just not worth it. This Herbed Chicken & Veggie Bake recipe exceeded my expectations and actually gets me excited for chicken night. Read More