Beet Berry Smoothie Bliss

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Beets? In a smoothie?!” I was hesitant to try it, too. But trust me--this smoothie is not what you might expect. I was so pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavor of this combination that it has become one of my go-to blends! Read More

Friday Finds: Thrive Market

I recently discovered Thrive Market, an online store for healthy food, household, and beauty products. They carry a fantastic selection of goods that you generally cannot find in your average grocery store, and it’s all online. Read More

"Go Nuts" For Nut Milk!

Today I’m diving into one of my favorite ways to lighten up and add valuable nutrition to my meals: choosing nut milk over dairy! Read More

Healthified Hot Chocolate

What’s better than a hot cup of chocolatey goodness after a day of skiing, sledding, shoveling or just as a warming pick me up on a chilly day? My version of this “Healthified Hot Chocolate” is incredibly creamy, rich and delicious and made only from all natural pure ingredients. I Read More

Friday Finds: Vegetable Noodle Spiralizer

This super fun kitchen tool slices veggies in long narrow spirals that resemble noodles. It’s quick and easy to use, and can add delicious veggie flavor and nutrition to any pasta dish you make! Read More

5 Ways To Combat The Winter Blues

It can be hard to stay uplifted, let alone keep making healthy choices, but don’t let the winter get you down! Here are five ways to fight the winter blues so you can turn that frown upside down and keep feeling great through the cold season! Read More

Friday Finds: Lifefactory Water Bottle

I’m always on the go and always trying to stay hydrated. I got sick of water bottles that left me with a metallic or plastic taste in my mouth and worried about BPA and other chemicals seeping into my liquid Read More