"Release" Home Yoga DVD

I had the pleasure of joining my Yoga Teacher and Mentor Erin Kirk and celebrity trainer Patrick Goudeau last year in the creation and filming of "Release", an at-home Yoga workout video. It is a wonderful yoga experience you can enjoy from the comfort of home! Check it out! Read More

8 Causes of Cravings

We often think of cravings negatively and see them as forces of evil from within that sway us into making unhealthy eating choices. However, let’s shift the perspective and shed some positive light and appreciation to these internal warning signs. Read More

Benefits of Cleansing

When people decide to do a cleanse, it is often motivated by how they are feeling. I hear many say they “need” to do a cleanse since they are feeling lethargic, heavy, bloated and experiencing mind fog, dull skin and strong cravings. They are sick and tired of how the state of their body is affecting their daily lives. Read More