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Daily Breathing Exercise


Breathing comes so naturally that we tend not to give it much thought and forget that it is the #1 thing that gives us life. Breath can have a powerful effect on our mood, stress levels and overall wellbeing. Deep and conscious breathing can help calm the the nervous system and help quiet the mind. Bringing awareness to your breath on a daily basis can have an immediate calming and uplifting effect and overtime can help positively change the way you handle and react to stress.

For long term improvement, practice this breathing exercise daily anytime/anywhere you have a few quiet moments to yourself. Perhaps when you first rise, in the shower, before meals, or at bedtime. It can also be used whenever you are feeling stress or emotion for a mood balancing, anti-anxiety and sleep promoting tool.

Breathing exercise:

  1. Take a deep inhale through the nose and let all breath out the mouth.

  2. Breath in slowly through the nose for 4 counts.

  3. Hold breath for 7 counts.

  4. Breath out slowly through the mouth for 8 counts.

Repeat 4 breath cycles twice per day or as needed.

Work up to 8 breaths cycles in a row.

Well wishes!

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