5-Day Guided Vegan Cleanse

Need to hit your body's reset button after the holidays? Kick off the New Year feeling energized, healthy and balanced! Join Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Christy LeMire’s 5-Day Vegan Whole Foods Cleanse and dedicate a week of self care to energize and nourish your body!

Cleansing does not have to mean feeling deprived or starving on a liquid diet. This cleanse is gentle on your body and delicious on your palate. Satisfying, nutrient-dense foods free of inflammatory ingredients.

Christy will guide you on a highly effective, non-extreme detoxing meal plan made up of high quality fresh whole foods. Your cleanse menu options will contain raw and lightly cooked vegetables, leafy greens, soups, gluten free grains, smoothies and teas.

This cleanse is flexible and Christy will support you to create a meal plan that your are comfortable with and that you will thoroughly enjoy! Relaxation and self care activities allow for a complete detoxification experience.


This cleanse is designed to safely help you:
 - rid your body of toxins
 - feel energized
 - improve bloating & digestion
 - gain control over cravings
 - rejuvenate skin
 - relieve headaches
 - kickstart weight loss
 - incorporate healthy eating habits
 - think more clearly
 - tune into and listen to your body

Your cleanse plan:

 - 2 days of preparing for cleanse (reducing certain foods and planning)
 - 5 days of cleansing (all vegan whole food meals)
 - 2 days of easing off cleanse (slowing introducing other foods back into diet)

Your cleanse includes:

 - Pre-cleanse packet with guidelines on how to prepare and what to expect.
 - A daily menu and schedule for the 5 cleanse days.
 - Required Recipes.
 - Daily emails with an affirmation and self care recommendation.
 - Post-cleanse packet with guidelines on how to ease off the cleanse.

Have questions? Check out the Cleanse FAQs for more details.

Order Your Cleanse

Once purchased, I will contact you to confirm your cleanse and provide details of next steps.

What it's like to cleanse with Christy...


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"My Husband and I just completed our 5-day cleanse with Christy LeMire! Wow! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing we both feel. Matt and I decided to try Christy’s cleanse after falling in to a major post wedding/honeymoon health slump. We needed something to kick start our bodies again and this was perfect! We are generally both healthy eaters and work out regularly so we were anxious to see what we would actually take from the experience. We could not believe how much we learned and how we felt even by Day 3! Christy’s extremely well thought out plan, including delicious healthy recipes, and tips to restore your body throughout the process, makes the experience so simple to follow. Each morning we woke up, we had an inspirational and motivational email from Christy to help get us through each day. The benefits of the cleanse carries out well beyond the 5-days! Matt and I still use and follow some of the tips and recipes that we learned on a daily. We can’t wait for our next cleanse with Christy!!!!" - Matt & Heather Forcier, Newburyport, MA

"I would highly recommend a guided detox cleanse with Christy. She is a wonderful, and knowledgeable wellness coach that can be trusted with guiding you to a place of overall wellness...and this detox cleanse is just one of the stops along the way.” - Anna, Burlington, VT


"Before I started Christy assured me that I would feel fantastic by the end of the week, and she was right. As cliché as it sounds, I truly felt clean. It subsided so many of my cravings, I gained a lot of energy and was an overall happier person by day 5. However, there was so much more to the experience than just the cleanse. It really made me aware of all the things that I'd been putting into my body on a daily basis without even realizing it. After going through the cleanse I am much more aware of the things I am eating, and the nutrition that foods are giving me."


"It is like this cleanse turned my body "on" again. I realize now I was most likely chronically dehydrated and mistaking it for hunger. I feel awake again and have steady energy throughout the day. On top of this, since incorporating your recommendations and including your recipes in my everyday living I have magically lost the 10lbs that just seemed to be holding on for so long. For the most part I have continued with the cleanse because I feel like it is actually a pretty realistic healthy lifestyle to move forward with. I have slowly reintroduced chicken and fish as an addition to your wonderful veggie entrees and salads, but I am also learning that I can get so much of my protein elsewhere and don't need to rely so heavily on meat. I sincerely thank you for finally helping me reset my body and get back to where I am most comfortable. For me, this cleanse was invaluable." - Andrea Vandewalle, Newburyport, MA


"I lost 7 pounds during the cleanse week. Just what I needed to kickstart my healthy eating and lifestyle habits. I feel confident in incorporationg new and healthy foods and activities moving forward." - Anonymous Cleanser, Los Angeles, CA

“My guided detox cleanse experience with Christy was fantastic. Being someone who has always felt like they had a pulse of what is going on in nutrition world, I've heard so many things about cleanses, detox programs, liquid diets, etc...but never really felt like I knew enough to do one myself. While on the cleanse, Christy was able to tell me which foods I should eat, what I should stay away from and most importantly WHY. It was very encouraging to have her support through the cleanse as someone who has been educated on the topic and knowing that what I was doing was safe and that it wasn't just another one of the "fads" that I had read about."

"I had a so many thoughts about why it was not a good time to do this cleanse and I did it anyway. That is sort of my metaphor for life. It's almost never an ideal time to do a cleanse, go back to school, or commit to any challenge but these 5 days have provided more evidence supporting why trying, even when the "reasons not to do it" list is long, is often a good idea. Specific results for me included more energy, blood sugar peaks and valleys functionally disappeared, and I remembered what being hungry and satisfied felt like. I love the joy and social part of eating with family and friends as much as I love food. The past 5 days have made me more aware of and grateful for the pleasure of eating and nourishing myself and my family. Thank you so much Christy." 

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