5 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy This Fall



Fall has officially arrived! Cheers to foliage, football and all things pumpkin!


After a glorious 3.5 month healthy stretch in my household, we experienced our first cold of the season as soon as the calendar rolled over to September. This initiated my intentions towards preparing for the colder, dryer months and keeping my family as happy and healthy as possible through cold/flu season.


Consider these 5 tips to help you stay as healthy this Fall.


1. Stay hydrated. We tend to naturally crave and drink more water through the heat of the summer. It can be harder when the temps cool, but just as important as the air becomes dryer. Drinking enough water is one of the #1 things you can do for your health since dehydration can effect your hunger levels, digestion, cause headaches and more. If you find yourself struggling to drink enough, try room temperature or warm water (maybe with a squeeze of lemon) or herbal teas.


2. Shift to warming foods and drink such as vegetable-based soups, broths, teas and seasonal produce like apples, beets, pumpkin and squash. Embrace the flavors of the season to help prepare your body for winter and keep you grounded. Stay tuned for some of my favorite fall recipes coming soon!


3. Consider indoor exercise options. I've been there, having spent the summer establishing a great walking, jogging or other type of outdoor activity with the benefits of extra hours of daylight and warm temps, only to find an abrupt interruption that comes with darkness and frigid air/snow. Plan ahead so you don't skip a beat. Consider indoor options like home workouts such as online or on-demand classes, stationary cycling or rebounding, studio classes or a convenient gym or indoor swimming pool.


4. Get plenty of rest. Yes, Fall comes with a whole new lineup of primetime television, but do your best to find a consistent bedtime (ideally by 10pm) to capitalize on the highest quality sleep hours and boost your immunity.


5. Have fun! The events of the summer may be cooling down, but intentionally keeping a few plans on your social calendar to look forward to can help prevent tempting hibernation from setting in and keep your spirits lifted throughout the season. 


If you are looking to hit your body's reset button after all the Summer fun, you might be interested in joining my 5-Day Fall Group Cleanse which begins on October 15th. Cleansing in the fall will help transition your body from the heat and indulgences of Summer and prepare your body for the winter months ahead by strengthening your immunity, boosting your mood and setting you up to maintain balanced healthy eating habits throughout the holiday season. Check out the details HERE!


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