Cleanse Feedback

We asked some recent cleanser's...

What was your favorite part about the cleanse?

"The energy and happiness. I woke up feeling ready to take on the day. I felt satisfied with the meals and even looked forward to them. I felt hydrated. My skin looks great. My belly feels flatter and I generally feel lighter. Overall loved doing this and I'm still eating healthy!"
"Feeling great! By the end of the week I was having great energy during my workouts, I wasn't craving sugar, and was overall feeling really good."

"Gave me the push I needed to make some changes in my everyday practice."

"It's hard to pick a favorite. I loved the veggie entrees, the bright flavors and colors. The sauces were amazing. The daily inspirations and tips to care for ourselves were very helpful. Thanks for a great week!!! It was the jump start needed for some life changes."

"Trying new recipes and learning that nutritious food can be SO yummy and satisfying! I will definitely be making them again. Also how making some changes positively affects my energy and sleep."

"The nutrient rich food kept me feeling full and I did not feel like I was on a "cleanse" depriving myself of anything!"

"Getting the tools and recipes to eat cleaner and be healthier."

What did you learn from the cleanse?

"That I can eat healthy, vibrant foods and feel very full and satisfied - eliminating cravings. Also, I learned that preparation of these foods can be quick and easy."

"How important it is to take care of ourselves, then we have the energy to care for others. Not having the sugar and caffeine spikes and drops made me feel much more relaxed. Being mindful of what my body is telling me about the food I'm eating."

"That a cleanse does not have to be drinking lemon water all day every day for 10 days to make it work. I was amazed at the amount of food I could have everyday and feel good."

"That I need to take more time out of my busy day for some quiet relaxing moments. I liked how relaxed I felt this week."

"That I can do it. That the food tastes amazing. It feels good to eat good food."

"Healthy food can be delicious and changes in what I eat can make immediate and positive changes in how I feel."

"I have learned so much about different foods that I would probably not have thought to try. It has opened up so many possibilities for good eating; thank you for this wonderful life changing opportunity."

Any other comments?

"This was a wonderful experience, I am left feeling good about myself."

"It was a great experience, well worth the investment."

"It's always nice to meet someone new that has a positive influence in your (hectic) life."

Join the group for our 5-Day Summer Refresh Cleanse July 24th - 28th.


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