2016 Keywords

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One of my pilates students told me the other day that the #1 word looked up in the online Webster Dictionary in 2016 was "SURREAL". This made me laugh...sometimes the truth is funny!

Certainly the worldly events this year have been surreal to say the least...

For me personally, I had some of the most surreal experiences of my life in 2016. 

The little angel that is my daughter arrived and her beautiful soul seemed to crash into the earth like a meteor. She had a tough time adjusting to the outside world which put myself and my family on an intense emotional ride including many amazing wonderful moments and many scary and challenging moments.

I got to thinking what are my "keywords" for 2016 that I want to carry with me into the New Year. Here is what rose to the surface.

FAITH - This word has a whole new meaning for me. With so much unknown, I've relied on faith to keep me positive and calm.

ACCEPTANCE - When things happen that shift your course temporarily or for the long haul, acceptance can be the key to moving forward.

PRESENCE - It's so true that time never passes faster than when you have children. Being present and experiencing every special, heart wrenching, challenging, amazing moment has never been more important to me.

PEACE - Finding and making peace from within among outside chaos. 

FORGIVENESS - This has been the most important and most challenging of all. Forgiveness towards myself and others. Forgiveness does not mean recognizing that what happened was right. It means letting go and allowing yourself to move on. There is not enough room in our hearts and minds to hold onto negativity.

LOVE - As I learn to give and receive love like never before, I'm considering how I can act out of love instead of fear towards everything and everyone.

TRUTH - While I been focusing on allowing faith to help me find peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance, I have come to realize I also need to feel empowered and stand in my own truth. No one else has control over my choices and listening to my instincts, gut and messages from the universe is what I will let guide me.

GRATITUDE - Although this year had it's high highs and low lows...I'm beyond grateful to have had all these experiences and to get to snuggle my little lady everyday and watch her learn and grow. It truly is the greatest gift of all!

What are your keywords for 2016? Might be fun to consider...and to help shape your intentions for what you'd like them to be in the New Year. Looking back at mine...I'm realizing these are likely the keywords I'd like for the rest of my life!


I hope you've been enjoying the holidays! If you are anything like me, you may be at the point of getting tired of all the holiday food and the delicious indulgences you once looked forward to are becoming less and less appealing. I'm happily cleaning out my refrigerator and restocking with more energizing fresh and healthy eats to prevent the cycle of cravings from ensuing.

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