The Benefits of a Holistic Health Coach


Do you feel inundated and overwhelmed with all the available knowledge on health and wellness nowadays? The abundance of information offered online and in books can be useful, but it can also feel heavy and intimidating. That’s where I come in!

I hear a lot of questions about the benefits of an individual health coach. Why is one-on-one time necessary? What can a health coach offer me that a gym membership can’t? I can find so many facts about healthy habits online if I just do a Google search--why would I need to see someone in person?

The problem is that with so many different opinions on health and wellness readily available, beliefs about what’s best for you can conflict and leave you feeling immobilized. All that information gets hard to sort through. How do you know which sources work for you? And knowledge is power, but it may not give you the neccessary encourangement you need to embrace change.

I take a holistic approach to assisting my clients to find the change they desire. Together, we explore various areas of their lives and well-being to ensure long-lasting results. I bear in mind that each person has different needs, habits, and wants that need to be specifically addressed.

When you meet with me, we work together to identify the type of support that will work best for you as an individual. We identify challenges and old problematic habits and define which new ones will promote positive change in your life. My goal is to help you find lifestyle shifts that are enjoyable and that become easy to commit to and sustain permanently.

My holistic approach stems from the belief that if we change our habits, we can transform our lives. Working closely with a personal health coach is a fun and effective way to learn how you can do that based on your individual needs and desires.

So why spend any more time sifting through Google searches on how to feel healthier and happier? Contact me today for a free consultation. Together, we can get you on track toward the lifestyle you’ve been waiting to live!

Well Wishes,

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