Accountability: A Shared Task

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Can you think of something you wanted to achieve this week that you couldn’t follow through with? It could be a task related to your work life, or maybe a dietary change. Often times our personal goals end up on the back-burner shortly after we set them.

When you find this happening, the biggest missing component is usually accountability. There’s often a significant emphasis on “self-made success” and accomplishing things totally on your own. But the truth is that achieving your goals is always a success, even if you accept help from others along the way!

Many of us hang onto the idea that we can simply lose the ten pounds we’ve been wanting to shed (or accomplish any other goal) if we just push ourselves hard enough. It’s as if one day all of our loved ones will be amazed and wonder how we did it all on our own. The problem with this mindset is that it puts all of the pressure and responsibility soley on you, without any tangible support from the people in your life. This can cause serious stress and anxiety leading to a vicious cycle of self-criticism and disappointment, both of which often make it harder for you fully embrace the necessary change.

We all desire to feel happy and healthy, but for many of us it takes an added layer of support and accountability to help guide us in that direction. It can be hard to ask for support, but it’s a useful tool to help you get what you need!

When you set a goal, ask yourself: who is going to hold me accountable? The answer does not always have to be “myself.” It could be a coach, friend, family member, trainer, or anyone else you feel comfortable with. Be honest with yourself as to who will actually be able to fill this role in an unconditionally positive way. These people can provide the support, motivation, and love that we need to reach important (and sometimes intimidating!) goals that we have for ourselves.

As a Health Coach, the support and accountability I provide has proven equally (if not more) important and effective than the guidance and information I offer. With me as your personal partner in health, you can get the individual attention required to accomplish what you need to feel confident and relaxed around your body and your health. I create a non-judgemental environment for self exploration in order to find the best ways to nourish your unique self so you can thrive. It’s okay to reach out for help! We’re all on this crazy ride together.

I invite you to reach out today for a free consultation. Want more information? Check out my blog on the benefits of a personal health coach here.

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