Benefits of Cleansing

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When people decide to do a cleanse, it is often motivated by how they are feeling. I hear many say they “need” to do a cleanse since they are feeling lethargic, heavy, bloated and experiencing mind fog, dull skin and strong cravings. They are sick and tired of how the state of their body is affecting their daily lives. They can feel they need a change, but often do not understand exactly why. Let’s explore some of the reasons why cleansing helps reset the body and relieve these symptoms.


We are constantly exposed to toxins through our environment, cleaning and body care products and the food we eat. Even if we do our best to limit chemicals, preservatives and pesticides, we all have some level of exposure beyond our control. Our bodies have built in defenses and tools to help eliminate toxins, however they can only handle so much. When we eat excess sugar, salt, processed foods and poor quality fats, we begin to overtax our body’s natural detoxification systems. We become unable to process and release toxins, therefore they become trapped inside. Overtime, the build up of these toxins can weaken the immune system and manifest into ongoing health issues and eventually disease. A proper cleanse plan will relieve the burden on your body so that you can flush out existing toxins and reset your detox systems.

Improving Digestion & Elimination

It can take days to digest food from the time we eat it until it is eliminated. We generally eat at least 3 times per day and therefore our bodies are working to digest food constantly. This takes a massive amount of energy! One of the benefits of eating raw whole foods as part of a cleanse is that they contain large amounts of enzymes. The enzymes in food help our organs understand what they need to do to digest and absorb nutrients properly. The more enzymes available, the easier food is to digest, which leaves us feeling energized and issues like gas and bloating subside. Drinking freshly pressed juice made from raw vegetables, leafy greens and low glycemic fruit is an effective part of cleansing. These enzyme and vitamin rich foods are easily digested in liquid form so the nutrients quickly flow into the blood stream to strengthen the cells and immune system. This is great way to detox the body and provide a boost of energy and alkaline minerals.

Building Healthy Gut Bacteria

Cleansing promotes a healthy gut. “Good” bacteria in our intestines helps us break down food, absorb nutrients, produce new enzymes and promote a strong immune system. Poor quality and excess meat, dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, pesticides, and preservatives are all difficult for the body to digest and contribute to building “bad” bacteria in the gut. Once the bad bacteria takes over, digestive issues worsen and illness and infection can ensue.  An alkaline, enzyme rich diet will begin the process of rebuilding good bacteria and bring balance and health back to the gut. Natural probiotics and other whole food supplements can also assist and speed up this process. A cleanse can be the catalyst to a healthy gut!

Reducing Cravings

If sugar, caffeine or simple carbohydrates (like white flour) are eaten frequently, we may develop strong cravings. The more we eat of these substances, the more we crave them and the harder it is to stop. These cravings make it difficult to stick to a pattern of healthy balanced meals and can lead to overeating, uncontrolled blood sugar levels and reduced metabolism. A cleanse can help regain control over cravings and break the vicious cycle.

Our eating and lifestyle habits change naturally with the seasons. A seasonal cleanse is an effective way to rid your body of the past season’s physical and emotional energy and transition to the next feeling reset, renewed and rejuvenated. The more we realize the potential of how good we can feel in our bodies, the more likely we are to sustain healthy eating habits ongoing!

That is my provide you a cleanse experience that will not just be a quick will give you tools to incorporate into your life ongoing.

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